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Lipset’s political man applied to Sweden

Here are som telling examples from Seymour Martin Lipset’s Political Man (1981 edition), that all suggest that Sweden does not fulfill the cultural requirements of a modern democracy. Lipset discusses conflict and consensus. In his view, democracy needs a healthy … Continue reading

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American scholars and Swedish society

In 1959 Seymour Martin Lipset wrote the following: “The Social Democratic Party and the co-operatives of Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia have proved of great interest to American scholars: few, if any, have touched on the nonsocialist parties”. Lipset, Seymour … Continue reading

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Swedish telephone books in the 1960s

The ethnographic eye is sensitive to small details in everyday life. Here is an observation by Seymour Martin Lipset from 1963: “Yet Swedish politics remain highly particularistic. For example, Swedish telephone books still list individuals alphabetically within occupational groups. So … Continue reading

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Lipset about Suffrage and Status

Seymour Martin Lipset has discussed the reasons why socialism never developed in the U.S. He then compared his causal analysis with European historical developments. In “Radicalism or Reformism: The Sources of Working-class Politics” (The American Political Science Review, volume 77, No. … Continue reading

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Lipset and authoritarianism

In Political Man: The social bases of politics (Baltimore, Maryland: The John Hopkins University Press, 1981 [1959]) Seymour Martin Lipset summarizes an extended and detailed analysis of the social basis of authoritarianism. In his view, the “vital variable” for authoritarianism … Continue reading

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Lipset and modernization theory

Modernization theory suggests a strong correlation between capitalist industrialization and modernization, including democratization. Seymour Martin Lipset is a strong adherent of modernization theory, but he has also questioned the absolute nature of such theory: “However, an extremely high correlation between … Continue reading

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