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Lipset’s political man applied to Sweden

Here are som telling examples from Seymour Martin Lipset’s Political Man (1981 edition), that all suggest that Sweden does not fulfill the cultural requirements of a modern democracy. Lipset discusses conflict and consensus. In his view, democracy needs a healthy … Continue reading

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Lipset about Suffrage and Status

Seymour Martin Lipset has discussed the reasons why socialism never developed in the U.S. He then compared his causal analysis with European historical developments. In “Radicalism or Reformism: The Sources of Working-class Politics” (The American Political Science Review, volume 77, No. … Continue reading

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Charles Taylor about Lipset and economic development

In an article in the journal Public Culture, Charles Taylor has commented on the basis for democracy: “What are the conditions that make for stable democracies? Why does democracy take root here and not there? (For instance, why in India … Continue reading

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Lars Trägårdh and modernization theory

Lars Trägårdh is a Swedish historian who has studied in the U.S. In his doctoral thesis he compared the concept of the people in Sweden and Germany, during the historical period that led up to the political developments in the 1930s. … Continue reading

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Lipset and modernization theory

Modernization theory suggests a strong correlation between capitalist industrialization and modernization, including democratization. Seymour Martin Lipset is a strong adherent of modernization theory, but he has also questioned the absolute nature of such theory: “However, an extremely high correlation between … Continue reading

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