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Lars Trägårdh about Swedish historiography after the Second World War

In The Concept of the People and the Construction of Popular Political Culture in Germany and Sweden: 1848-1933 (Berkeley: University of California, 1993), Lars Trädgårdh describes Swedish historiography after the Second World War: “The identification of the celebrated Swedish welfare state … Continue reading

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Piero Cola about Swedish historiography and national identity

Piero Cola is one of the few foreign intellectuals that has taken a critical view to Swedish self-images. In an article from 2002 he discusses Sweden’s self-image in the 20th century and its relation to collective historical memory. Here is … Continue reading

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Stefan Nyzell and collective violence

“What happened in Malmö in connection with the conflict at the A W Nilsson factories may be considered to be part of a protracted period of escalating, and at least to some extent violent, labour disputes between the employed and … Continue reading

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Lars Trägårdh and modernization theory

Lars Trägårdh is a Swedish historian who has studied in the U.S. In his doctoral thesis he compared the concept of the people in Sweden and Germany, during the historical period that led up to the political developments in the 1930s. … Continue reading

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