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Lipset’s political man applied to Sweden

Here are som telling examples from Seymour Martin Lipset’s Political Man (1981 edition), that all suggest that Sweden does not fulfill the cultural requirements of a modern democracy. Lipset discusses conflict and consensus. In his view, democracy needs a healthy … Continue reading

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Jacob Sundberg’s memories

Jacob Sundberg is a professor emeritus of jurisprudence from the Stockholm university, and an expert in comparative law and human rights. He has been highly critical of official Swedish attitudes to the rule of law and human rights, in Sweden. … Continue reading

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Images of Liberal Democracy and Freedom and Welfare in Sweden 1930-1958

Below you find an article that has been refused by the Scandinavian Journal of History, in March 2012. It was reviewed by two persons. It turns out that the quality of the reviews was truly substandard, especially one of the … Continue reading

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Anne-Marie Pålsson and the independence of the Swedish parliament

Anne-Marie Pålsson, a lecturer of economics and the Lund university and former centre conservative member of parliament, has published a book about the lack of independence of the Swedish parliament. This book was covered in the  media on the 28th … Continue reading

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Charles Taylor about Lipset and economic development

In an article in the journal Public Culture, Charles Taylor has commented on the basis for democracy: “What are the conditions that make for stable democracies? Why does democracy take root here and not there? (For instance, why in India … Continue reading

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Lipset and authoritarianism

In Political Man: The social bases of politics (Baltimore, Maryland: The John Hopkins University Press, 1981 [1959]) Seymour Martin Lipset summarizes an extended and detailed analysis of the social basis of authoritarianism. In his view, the “vital variable” for authoritarianism … Continue reading

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Schumpeter and rationality

A typical claim about Swedish political culture has been that it is rational or rationalistic. However, few have questioned this or tried to critically analyse what it means. Schumpeter had something interesting to say about rationality, when combined with a notion of … Continue reading

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