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Lipset’s political man applied to Sweden

Here are som telling examples from Seymour Martin Lipset’s Political Man (1981 edition), that all suggest that Sweden does not fulfill the cultural requirements of a modern democracy. Lipset discusses conflict and consensus. In his view, democracy needs a healthy … Continue reading

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A book about the 1997-2011 Swedish sterilization debate

There is now a book available about the Swedish 1997-2011 sterilization debate, as print-on-demand. This book contains unique summaries and analysis of an internal Swedish battle over self-images. It also summarizes and critically analyses the results of a government inquiry … Continue reading

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Political corruption in Transparency International Sweden’s 2011 Integrity system report

Political Corruption In Transparency International Sweden’s Integrity System Report 2011 Executive Summary This paper discusses the 2011 Integrity System report from Transparency International Sweden, and especially the contributions by the political scientist Erik Karlsson at the Stockholm University. It alleges … Continue reading

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The Gothenburg university and political corruption in Swedish administrative courts

Sara Stendahl is a legal scholar at the Gothenburg University. She has studied a large number of court verdicts regarding sickness cash benefits in the mid 1990s. Her findings suggest systematic political corruption in the Swedish lower administrative courts. Interview … Continue reading

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Lotta Westerhäll and patient’s rights in the US and Sweden

Lotta Westerhäll is a professor of social law. She has compared patient’s rights in the US and Sweden, in her 1992 An Introduction to Medical Malpractice Law In the United States and Sweden – The Rights of Patients (Norstedts juridik, … Continue reading

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Jacob Sundberg’s memories

Jacob Sundberg is a professor emeritus of jurisprudence from the Stockholm university, and an expert in comparative law and human rights. He has been highly critical of official Swedish attitudes to the rule of law and human rights, in Sweden. … Continue reading

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Images of Liberal Democracy and Freedom and Welfare in Sweden 1930-1958

Below you find an article that has been refused by the Scandinavian Journal of History, in March 2012. It was reviewed by two persons. It turns out that the quality of the reviews was truly substandard, especially one of the … Continue reading

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