The topic of this blog is Swedish political culture. The background is that there is now more and better, and more critical, research about Swedish society.

This research may help us answer the “Swedish dilemma”. Is Sweden Utopia or Dystopia? Or, perhaps Sweden is just a country much the same as other western countries, with its own strengths and weaknesses? The research also promises to contribute to fundamental issues in the social sciences.

A main focus will be to critically review existing research about Sweden in the English language. What image of Sweden has been projected in English language sources?

If we find cases of political corruption in such sources – and there is plenty – we will first contact the authors and then we will report them to the corresponding university administration, colleagues, editorial boards of journals, etc, for research fraud.

Another focus will be to provide references to, translate and summarize Swedish sources that are not easily available.

A main point will be that fellow travellers, the language barrier, and flawed understandings of Swedish political culture, have distorted research about Swedish society. This combined lack of information and proper interpretation, has at the same time been systematically exploited by state employed Swedish experts, and other nationalistically oriented representatives of Swedish officialdom.

At the same time, the general thrust of this blog corresponds to internal Swedish developments that are not well-known outside Sweden, and probably also not among the bulk of the population. In academic research and intellectual debate, there is a growing body of criticisms of the dominant utopian myth.

This is not a blog. It is a “wplog” In other words, it is a way of distributing Wikipedia type information that you have to pay for; a “pay for  wiki blog”. There will be open posts, but most of the posts, and especially articles, will require a password and a user’s fee. The open material is just samples.

If you are interested in a specific topic you can contact us and we can provide research services, for a fee.

E-mail: swedishpoliticalculture[at]gmail.com


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