The Gothenburg university and political corruption in Swedish administrative courts

Sara Stendahl is a legal scholar at the Gothenburg University. She has studied a large number of court verdicts regarding sickness cash benefits in the mid 1990s.

Her findings suggest systematic political corruption in the Swedish lower administrative courts.

Interview with Sara Stendahl (English)

Sara Stendahl’s research is part of a focus on empirical legal research at the Gothenburg University. As could be expected, such research finds systematic political corruption, especially in the administrative courts.

The sociological and historical background to this has been explored by professor Lotta Westerhäll at the same university. In this interview, Westerhäll notes that Sweden has no real tradition of rule of law.

Interview with Lotta Westerhäll about the Swedish tradition (Swedish)

Lotta Westerhäll has also conducted empirical research that reveals political corruption in the lower administrative courts. This time the topic is psychiatric incarceration.

Interview with Lotta Westerhäll about psychiatric incarceration (Swedish)

The important point here is that the results of empirical research contradict large international surveys about the rule of law in Sweden and the integrity of Swedish institutions. Not only that, these surveys also studiously avoid mentioning this research.

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