Piero Cola about Swedish ideology after the Second World War

Here is another quote from an article by Piero Cola. He summarises what he views as the result of Swedish identity processes in the 1930s and 1940s:

“A set of values that hade once been central to the cohesion of the Swedish rural community had been transmuted into a complex ideological matrix with the potential to support – and manipulate – a mass society”

Cola, Piero. “Race, Nation, and Folk: On the Repressed Memory of World War II in Sweden and its Hidden Categories”. In: Cultur and Crisis: The Case of Germany and Sweden. Trägårdh, Lars and Witoszek, Nina (ed.). New York: Berghahn Books, 2002, 131-154, 151.

The interesting point here is that Cola combines two modes of interpretation: culture and coercion. In the hands of a new political movement, a rural mentality became a source of both social cohesion and control, according to Cola.

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