Tim Knudsen and the Nordic model

Tim Knudsen is a Danish political scientist. He has discussed the historical roots of Scandinavian, Danish and Swedish political culture.

In Dansk statsbygning (Kobenhavn: Jurist- og Okonomforbundets Forlag, 1995) he stresses that there are differences between Sweden and Denmark:

“Men samtidigt må vi også erkende, at det ostlige norden, Sverige og Finland, nok står Danmark statskulturellt noget fjernere, end vi altid har brudt os om at indse- ”

“At the same time we also have to recognize that the eastern part of the Nordic countries, Sweden and Finland, have a state culture that is more foreign to that of Denmark than we normally care to admit” (p. 71).

The way the utopian myth was concieved in the 1920s and 1930s, the Scandinavian countries were often treated as a homogenuous entity. The question is to what extent this has or has not be proven by systematic comparisons?




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